Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cheggers Plays Block!

Twitter is a marvellous place to be. It is usually fun, often hilarious, sometimes sad and occassionally a hornfest! I've made mention of this before. When I first started on Twitter I followed celebrities because that's what Twitter was for. However, I soon discovered that Twitter is much better without the need to follow celebrities. It is the real people on Twitter that make it for me. So much so that I started to unfollow most of the celebrities that I did follow. I currently follow 1100ish people on Twitter and maybe 50 of them are "celebrities" of some sort - mainly comdedians or at the very least funny celebrities. The rest of everyday people each just as amazing as the celebs that we as a society idolise.

I'll admit that I get a buzz if I get a reply of a celeb and even better if I get a follow. Which brings me to the point of this blogette. I have found it really funny this morning that I have been blocked by Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin at some point over the past few months. I'm not bothered in the least really. That is the whole point of Twitter you have complete power to block or unfollow people. In a strange way I am quite proud of the fact that he went out of his way to actually block me. I can honestly say that I never sent him any abuse, and never slated him indirectly. The irony of this is that I never actually followed him until he followed me after I retweeted one of his jokes.

Anyway I've done this blogette because I have come up with 5 reasons why he did the deedand this is what I came up with

1) One of us is a cheeky Scouse chap who tells cheesy jokes...the other is Keith Chegwin

2) One of us has a penis that has been seen by millions....the other is Keith Chegwin

3) One of us has taken Maggie Philburn up the wrong'un...the other is Keith Chegwin

4) One of us has a drink problem....the other is Keith Chegwin

5) One of us has stroked Noel Edmonds beard...the othet is Keith Chegwin

In all honesty I probably said something that offended him, or slagged off a mate of his, or maybe my fucking foul mouth was too much for him. I will take this as an honour that whatever I did it warranted a BLOCK and not just an Unfollow! Now that is some acheivement! I'm going to see if I can find any other 80s celebs to annoy now....Gary Wilmott I'm coming to get you!

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