Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Christmas Cracker

Well it's that time of year again. Time to jingle your bells, polish your baubles, feed your reindeer, give your fairy a good wipe down & dispense off-colour smutty comments with look seemingly innocent, but when in the hands of a master smut dispenser give the Yule period an extra sparkle. It's Christmas Eve, and poor Santa, who only comes once a year (so different to me!) is getting ready to shoot down your chimney, empty his sack and fill you to the brim with festive deposits, so whack on some Christmas tunes, baste your turkey & wop it in a hot oven!

I am currently at that stage now where I am still considering & still putting off wrapping my presents but I know I will knuckle down in a minute and get on with it all, but before I do I just want to share something with you that I got off the amazingly funny @williamstafford off Twitter at the first Christmas Party I went to this year (in November).

Who are the perfect dinner guests to invite to your Christmas Party?

Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Muss
Jess Likedee
Juan Zi
Hugh Sterno

Wendy Treetops-Glisten
Ann Chilled-Wren
Liz Anne
"Two Ears" Laybelle
Cindy Snow

Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Mussunt
Avery Chris
Miss Carr
Dai Wright

Mayor Dazeby
Mary-Ann Bright
Ann May Hall-York-Rhys
Mrs B White

This is just a little blog to wish all of my Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends, Google+ers (who I don't know most of) a very, smutty, sexy, horny, loving, cuddly, happy, wonderful, marvellous


If I could get to each and everyone of you with my mistletoe (which I usually hang from my belt!) for a nice kiss I most definitely would. Have a great festive period & if you see me about say hi :)

@Gazabell xxx

PS - oh yes I did reach 100,000 tweets well before 2012 - my heartfelt thanks can be found HERE

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  1. Happy Christmas, Gaza!

    I'd just like to point out that the list of names is not a child of my brain but was first published in a book by The Goodies about a million years ago.