Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Twank You

Now first of all don’t get too excited about the title of this blog. For once it is not about “Stopping the Rapture” as you might expect. It is actually me saying Thank You in Twitter-speak. You must have noticed that you can make a Twitter word by just replacing the first one or two letters of a word with the letters TW (I’m still not sure what you call a member of Twitter you consider a Tw*t though). I will admit that I may be wrong with using this phrase to thank somebody though, so if I was you I would be a bit wary about Twanking somebody, or offering your sincerest Twanks, or they may be expecting something you are not prepared to offer!

So why indeed am I “Twanking” you (& yes I am offering you) in this blog you may be asking yourself (well if you are reading it, otherwise I doubt the thought has crossed your mind) the answer is because today it is 3 years since I joined the phenomenon that is Twitter. I have explained many times why I joined and what you can expect if you join (just click on the Twitter tag at the bottom to read these) but today I want to say a huge big


To each and every one of the people who followed me and who I have followed, to the Followers, Friends, Pretend Personalities, Spammers, Fakers, Unfollowers, Blockers and everyone in between, it has been a pleasure interacting with you because you have kept me very entertained over the past Three years

You have made me laugh, you have made me cry, you have lifted me out of down moods, you have turned me on, turned me off, you have annoyed me, you have upset me, you have given me even more confidence, you have made me dream about you, you have made me be funny, and best of all you have made me Happy.

This sounds a bit like I am leaving Twitter, but there is no chance of that happening as far as I can see. I enjoy our interactions too much. Where else can you talk about wanking with such reckless abandon? Where else can you tell people you paint cats blue? Where else can you drunkenly try to talk to people about your night out? Where else can you invent new games like the Piss Olympics and tell people about how you are going to shove an onion up your bosses arse? – you don’t have to answer these questions they are merely rhetorical!

I should point out that I do actually have a great “real” life too, and my number of tweets is more to do with the fact that I enjoy your company than the fact that I sit in a room all day either tweeting or wanking!

Saying that I hope that over the past few of years I have done what I intended to do on Twitter. To make you laugh & keep you entertained, to be somebody you feel you can chat to whether you were feeling up, down (or even bent over ;-D), and to be somebody who will reply to anybody. I might not be to the taste of everybody but who is? Without sounding like a big head I think I am a pretty decent, genuine person and I hope that comes across on Twitter.

So whether we speak often or have never tweeted each other before feel free to tweet me anytime. I always try to reply, although given the number of people I follow I do sometimes miss tweets or am slow replying, so never think I am being ignorant. Most of all never take me too seriously because I am mainly about having a laugh and a bit of banter.

And now as I look back on almost 115,000 tweets over three years (though technically more like 2 & a half years) I hope I will be still going strong in on 6th July 2014 on my 5th Anniversary and I hope that you will still be along for the ride.

Lots of love, hugs, kisses from a really big Twanker

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  1. You took me under your wing when I was a novice tweeter, you became my friend. I remember with huge affection our late night jail breaks. I am so happy you are my trusted friend and you know you are always welcome to my twartys. Love you lots xx WW