Sunday, 9 January 2011

25 Facts About Me

1. I enjoy singing songs in my car in regional accents - Cockney "Killer Queen" is my best, though I do a mean Yorkshire "Oh What A Night"

2. I am an Associated Board Of Music qualified Cellist - though haven't touched a Cello for about 15yrs!

3. The smell of Beetroot makes me retch

4. I have climbed Snowden

5. I once played Prince Charming in a school play

6. I have sang on Radio 4 - yep the boring churchy one

7. The most famous person I ever met is Warrior from Gladiators (well until I met Al Murray that is!)

8. I have a phobia of wasps - and have been known to dive off Bouncy Castles at a speed of 75mph when a wasp flew near me

9. I once dressed as a Meff for Comic Relief and sang a cover version of the Beatles song Help! with 3 mates

5. I am numerically dyslexic

11. I have only ever owned Fiesta's

12. I am one of the few children of my generation to have actually owned the elusive Mr Frosty - that every child wanted, but few ever got.

13. My first home was a pub

14. I won the Lower School Quiz in 1993, and with my book token bought a Spanish Dictionary

15. The first time I flew on a plane was an 8hr flight to Orlando - where I was stranded for New Year!

16. Dawn French once nearly picked my postcard out of a prize dip on Going Live!

17. I tend to find people who say "I'm mad me" to be tit heads

18. I was once attacked with a traffic cone

19. My dream holiday would be to Australia - though a close 2nd would be New York

20. My Grandad was a Professional Boxer in the 1920s/30s, but had to retire because he was deaf and knocked out his opponent after the bell went.

21. It took me 3 times to pass my Driving Test

22. I once made a Viking Costume out of a pair of furry curtains

23. I can tell the difference between Pepsi & Coke - Pepsi is better

24. I used to think Natalie Imbruglia was the sexiest woman in the world, espcially during her Neightbours days

25. I'm a firm believer in the "laughter is the best medicine" school of thought - unless you have Diabetes, in which case Insulin is the best medicine.

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