Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Potato! A Peek In Louis Walsh's Closet

It's a bit late really, and I had planned on doing it during X-Factor, but I was being very sociable at the time (i.e. Getting pissed a lot) and never got around to it. So for my pleasure if nobody else's here is a blog on Louis Walsh

Fans of reality TV will probably best know the Leprechaun of Pop as a judge on music reality TV shows, cutting his teeth on Popstars in Ireland, and Popstars:The Rivals before becoming Simon Cowell's prank monkey on X-Factor. Louis is in fact also a manager of Pop Bands, who clients have included Boyzone, Westlife, Girls Aloud and ...grrrrr... Jedward! It is not for his managerial career that I am now going to character assassinate him (though the Jedward thing is an atrocity that should not go unpunished) instead I am going to tear him a new arsehole (which he would like) for his performance on X-Factor!

The last series just highlighted to me what an utter tool the man is. He has got the easiest job going honestly - he must have put some work into licking Mr Cowell's arse because I think anyone could replace Louis on the judging pannel - though to be fair it would take a special kind of fool to be the Louis of the group. I think I could teach any of you to be Louis though - so much so that you can just follow this guide below if you think you can be Louis!....

1. Wit & Humour
You would probably think that to be a judge on X-Factor you need these - not if you are being Louis. Cowell is obviously a witty, funny man and doesn't want that upstaged. Therefore he has beautiful women on the panel who are likeable by most people, but aren't as funny as him. Therefore to be Louis you need to have NO wit or humour. It is okay though because you can still try - Cowell will just talk over you, sweep you away with a swipe at your unconfirmed (LOL!) homosexuality and nobody will laugh with you anyway, just at you. A typical example...

Simon: "I don't know what Louis was thinking giving you 'Making Your Mind Up' to sing"

Louis: "I just picked your favourite song Simon" (cue no laughs)

Simon: "Shut up Louis - it will be YMCA next week with you" (cue laughs)

2. You Handsome Devil
Much like the sense of humour and wit this is not required at all. Flat-top, moob-laden, chisel face Cowell does not want the women looking at someone better looking than him. Cue potato-faced short-arse tub guts Louis to make Cowell look better. The thing is, much like Louis himself, you might resent this and try to make yourself look younger. If you wish to do this you will need to wear jeans with a striped shirt - walking with one hand in a pocket - and spike your grey hair into a ridiculously youthful hairstyle for a nearly 60-year old homosexualite. Better yet you can start dying your hair into a weird array of browny-grey colours ( Try L'Oreal colours Tawny Beaver or Stricken Stoat) to make you look like the ultimate Cunty-Haired Buffoon.

3. Nice Butt
To undertake your new role as the Louis of X-factor there is something else you should expect. You will become the butt of the jokes of the whole team. I'm not even talking about the verbal jibes that will be made against you by your fellow judges. I'm talking about the little things the production team will do to you. For one you will always get the shittest category

Dermot voiceover: "This year the production team decided to shake things up with the categories. They are now. 'Girls under 60', 'Boys Under 60', 'Groups' and 'Mentalists & People with Tourettes"

Louis: "I hope I get da boys"

Production Team: "Louis, you've got.....[pause for dramatic effect]........ 'Mentalists & People With Tourettes"

Louis: "I truly tink I got da best category"

That's not where it ends though. You will also be screwed over at Judges Houses stage. The production team will arrange for Simon to take his category to "his" house in LA, Danni will take her category to "her" villa in tenerife, , Cheryl will take her category to "her" Luxuary Apartment in Monte Carlo...where do you get? You get to take them to "your" bungalow in your own home town! Yet you will take all of this because you are fame hungry and love being seen on TV, even though the British public is really quite indifferent to you.

4. Britain's Got Talent
Ok you have put up with some shit to get this job, but you don't mind because it's all about the fame for you. Now you think you need to do all the hard work - don't sweat on it. Just put through everyone from your own country and anyone who you fancy. It is that easy - it's not about the talent really, just the story of the contestants.

5. It's Just a Phrase You Are Going Through
You might think that you need to be prepared to give feedback to the contestants on the show that is original and witty, but to be honest Louis has been able to get through 7 series by using and reusing the same phrases again and again. You might struggle here so what I have done is gave you Louis' phrase and translated it for you just in case you want to use them.

"You're tru"
- You have progressed to the next stage

"I want all of Ireland/Scotland/Wales/Liverpool/Manchester to vote for you"
- you have got no chance of winning

"It was fun & entertaining"
- It was shite but I have been lumbered with the worst category again

"You remind me of a young [Insert name of singer of same ethnic background] "
- I'm going to compare you to someone based on your skin colour rather than sound of your voice

"But Simon, da young people will love dem"
- these are annoying twats but I want to bum them.

"I hope you go all da way"
- I want to bum you

"I've championed ye from the start"
- I want to bum you

"Da girls love ye"
- I want to bum you

"I see you with a big future in the record industry"
- I want to bum you

"I want ye to make da final and want people to vote for ye"
- I want to bum you

"But Simon he is only 16 years old"

- I want to bum him

"Der's something missing for me"
- You are female

"You are tru to Week x/Quater-Final/Semi-Final/Final"
- I've used up all of my phrases tonight

And that is it. That is how you too could be Louis Walsh - its an easy job, but helps if you are a cunty-haired buffon. Are you the right person to be the new Louis?