Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow...

Hello my friends and loyal blog readers. For those of you who may not know I recently became an uncle for a second time, as my new nephew Jack was born this week. He is only 4lbs at the moment because he is 6 weeks early, but he is looking great and will soon be home with his family.

Well it got me thinking that my nephew is being born five decades after me (which is strange when you think about that I have been alive in 5 different decades even though I am only 32! But count them 70’s [barely!] 80’s, 90’s, Noughties & the Tensies [whatever this is called]) and the world has changed so much over this time.

I thought I would do this blog so in 2029 when he is 18 he can look back and see some of the differences there are between the world of my generation and the world of his generation. So let me bridge the gap now between 2011 and 2029 – don’t worry this blog has a built in Flux Capacitor so you don’t have to leave the room.

Twatty Celebrities

You may not know this but Prime Minister Joey Essex was once just a reality TV star in the early 10’s. He might be the most tanned Prime Minister in history now, but back in 2011 the young Joey Essex & his annoying gaggle of scripted friends gained a following amongst the less cerebral people amongst this generation. Not only that but the woman you now know as Dame Katie Price was not yet completely made of plastic – some parts of her were still originals, I think it is her ankles and little finger. Also as you may remember from your history class we have also had to put up with Jedward – I know you won’t know much about them after their not-so-tragic disappearance in Liverpool in 2012 – but my good they were annoying, it is a good job I still remember about that cellar and feed the annoying pair of bastards….oh wait I have said too much forget about that.

Saying that I suppose it is not all one way traffic - at least I had the preparation of hearing Victoria Beckham sing to prepare myself for the onslaught of Harper 7 Beckham that was released on the world. And I can tell you now that nobody in a million years would have thought George Michael and Britney Spears would get married in 2011. As I was saying to Lady Wincey Willis the other day in the House of Lords celebrities in the 80s 90s & 00s where much superior to those in the 2020’s

World Affairs

We are living in a time of unrest in the world. Countries at war with each other – dictators dropping like flies, Europe on the brink of financial ruin, but you are probably planning your trip to Marmaris in the People’s Republic of West China now, but here in 2011 that country was called Turkey. Who would have thought that so much of the world would be under Chinese control now. President Timberlake needs to keep an eye on things really. Still I suppose it makes Geography easy for you. You won’t need to learn the capital of any Ukraine or Turkey, or Russia now that they are all ruled from Beijing. By the way how the hell did Coca-Cola get to build that giant Logo on the moon? It used to look so beautiful!


You don’t realise how lucky you are with your Virtual Reality, iPhone 25 and 180million megapixel cameras. When I was growing up we had to make do with Nokia phones! And Sega Mega Drives! And camera that you had to put film in and wind up to take a picture….and they only held 24 pictures on the film! There is no way I could happy slap a policeman and record it for YouTube. I had to get a mate to do a flick pad drawing and gather crowds around me in town! We had to use control pads to use a console when I was growing up and we had to use our fingers to dial numbers! And if you ask me 5D TV is far too many D’s to watch a television programme. The smell of Bruce Forsyth’s formaldehyde turns my stomach and his hands feel like parchment now! I must admit though I like those planes that go in space, it tickles my balls when we come back down, like driving over a bridge quickly.


Now while you are there listening to that Nu-Electro music or whatever it’s called you will never know about Chakademus & Pliers, Lutricia McNeal, Scooch, Cleopatra (cominathca) or the Vengaboys, but we had real music in our day. The great Tom Jones still had his own hips in 2011 and while he may still be packing out arenas in 2029 it is just not the same watching him sing Sexbomb with an Oxygen Mask on. And while you might think of Westlife as classical music to us they are just a band that recycled the same song 500 times and never forgot about the key change in the final fifth. You need to check out some timeless music like Queen, ELO, Steps, and Take That! And I know that some of the women there are going wild over One Direction reforming, but I remember them when they were 5 spotty herberts who liked to sing on Perspex boxes.

It’s been a short guide Jack, but in spite of people thinking that I drink daily and so will be long gone through cirrhosis of the liver I am still alive as you well know. I fact wasn’t my 50th Birthday party a great laugh. I’ve still got it haven’t I? Singing that classic F*ck You & shaking my still rather fine ass all over the dance floor, so if you want to know more just come and find me. I am your uncle after all & I am always there for you :)

A bit of a blogette really – not one of my best but hopefully it gave the odd chuckle along the way. I will endeavour to do blogs as regularly as I can. I just need a little inspiration sometimes so if you have any ideas for a topic you want to see let me know, or even if you want me to host a blog for you if you have your own masterpiece you want to share I am always happy to do that :)


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