Thursday, 26 May 2011

On being a Twitizen in the Twitterverse

Hello Tweeps

I'm spoiling you really by posting another blog so soon but it is a very special one because it's not a blog by me. It is a blog by one of my Top Twiends - the fantasticness that is Dame @WinceyWillis1 (yes the real one of TV-AM & Treasure Hunt fame)so please read and enjoy her blog and give her a follow on Twitter because she is lots of fun

@Gazabell :-)

Twitter is all human and not so human life. I make no bones about the fact that I love it. Never having been involved with any other social network site I was apprehensive. You may already know that I started tweeting because someone else was using my name.

I remember looking at profiles and seeing @Gazabell had over 1000 followers and being astounded. I knew that Stephen Fry seemed to have the whole world following him.

Initially there was a lot of scepticism; most people didn’t believe I was me. As there are so many tweeps hiding behind eggs etc I hoped that seeing my photo would be enough.

How things have changed. You bring out the best in me and I love you for it. I never wanted to be someone who plugs stuff all the time but I wasn’t sure what to tweet. I followed people who made me laugh or think or intrigued me. I love the immediacy of twitter. We do ‘talk’, getting an instant response is great but sometimes overwhelming. As you began to believe in me I felt so good.
I laugh out loud and every day there are so many brilliant wordsmiths who test my brain power and typing speed. There are the utterly crazy random tweets.....”I won’t eat a dead woman’s bananas” , “I get aroused when I play scrabble”. Let’s face it there is a lot about arousal on twitter!!

A young man tweeted me to say he had just ‘you tubed’ me and I was to get into his bed immediately. I was followed by Battery Operated Boyfriend and even offered quite a lot of money to ‘perform’ on a web cam!!! I was crying with laughter. I am no spring chicken so in a way I suppose it is quite flattering. (No names to protect guilty)

The opportunities to help people have been rewarding and my friendship with @harry_moseley the inspirational 11year old boy with a brain tumour has made me appreciate more than ever how lucky I am. I went to London for Harry’s charity launch and met up with @MrG48 and @MrLTK , both gentlemen who were a pleasure to spend time with.

More recently I have had my first Tweet Up at home. Two tweeps who I have been bantering with since the beginning came to stay at my home. My friends thought I was barking, having 2 men I had never met staying. It was fantastic, and my twitterwide reputation as a Merlot maid was upheld. I knew that even though we had only met through 140 characters we were such like minds and after speaking on the ‘phone I had no hesitation over inviting @WilliamStafford and @Quimph .

I have had an amazing life, doing so many wonderful things. I have travelled all over the world and encountered the most amazing people. When I started in the media mobiles hadn’t been invented and we did weight training to carry a programmes worth of records into the radio studio. I am thankful for every new day and the opportunity to make the most of it.

I could never have imagined something like twitter (be a squillionaire if I had). It has become a part of my life and I am so glad. Thank you for all your kindness, fun, love and so much laughter.

Now dear editor Gaza when are you coming for a Tweet Up??
My name is Wincey Willis and I am an addict..............

Wincey Willis May 2011


  1. what an amazing blog , love it and i love Wincey. from @tarin_teague.

  2. I love this Gazabell and follow Wincey as well she is amazing nice read

  3. williamstafford26 May 2011 at 12:26

    An honour to be mentioned!

    And our tweet-up was a great pleasure, it has to be said.

    We need to get Gazabell along to a future gathering. If he can leave himself alone for long enough :D

  4. So much of what you say is so true and wonderfully expressed. Alas,I am old enough to remember the legend that you are from the early days of Treasure Hunt, what a great and at the time innovative show that was. A pleasure to read your blog c/o the infamous and charming Gazabell ;) to follow you this instance. Who knows, you might even follow me back :D


  5. It has been said so many times, but the world owes a great debt to whomever the imposter was. So, firstly, my thanks goes to him/her/it. Secondly, and most importantly, thank you Wincey!

    A lovely lady, the most wonderful host, a mind full of merriment and memoirs (and often Merlot..), and the best tweet up ever.

    Thank you Wincey.

  6. TMCPhotographs26 May 2011 at 19:40

    Wonderfully written Dame @WinceyWillis1 x

    I did thoroughly enhoy your previous blog too though @Gazabell! ;) x

  7. Hey - I got a mention, I feel very proud to be part of your friedship Gaza & Wincey and yes I had a great afternoon/evening in London with @WinceyWillis1 - I sincerely hope we can do it again sometime too.


    PS - Has Battery Powered Boyfriend got a sister?