Monday, 29 August 2011

It's My Twarty & I'll Cry (with laughter) If I Want To

Hello there fair readers of my blog. You are in for another treat from the legend that is Dame @WinceyWillis1 today as she has kindly let me host her latest blog, about her 1st Twitterversary and how she chose to celebrate it.




17th August will never be the same again.

Obviously I have no recollection of my first birthday but I have of my first anniversary on twitter. Not for the entire time you understand, around 3.30am it gets a bit blurred.

I decided I wanted to celebrate with the people I have become closest to, who are also the most fun. The idea of a Twarty soon took over. I worked out how many I could accommodate, this was to be a 2 day event, and invited those who had helped me from the very beginning. Those who discreetly put me on the right path if I was committing a Twitter faux pas. Those who had made me welcome and accepted from the start.

I was told by non twitter friends that I was barking, inviting ‘strangers’ to stay. I had only met two of them before, but I had spoken often on the ‘phone to the others. They asked if they should call to check on me. I refused one of my closest friend when she asked if she could come. I explained it was a Twarty strictly for tweeps. I didn’t want to spend most of the evening explaining in jokes.

I had a purple shiny balloon with TWARTY written on it in silver, tied to the hedge at the bottom of my drive. Wonder what the neighbours thought? Fortunately they are far enough away, so mayhem could ensue. My guests had taken time off work, which I really appreciated, midweek isn’t a usual time for a party. This was no ordinary party, a Twarty had to be on the actual anniversary day.

The sun was shining and we spent the first few hours on the patio with raucous laughter echoing across the fields. There are certain people who bring a mood to a room as soon as they enter, I was blessed with the best bringers of joy and laughter anyone could wish for. Innuendo became the accepted form of communication.

There was a double mattress to be blown up and the thing that inflates tyres if plugged into a cigarette lighter didn’t work. Don’t think I have to be too specific about the jokes this particular task spawned, when it was done by taking turns.

There was enough alcohol to re-float the Titanic, food was on hand all the time. Not me doing a Nigella but very obliging caterers had delivered earlier.

Twarty Rules were spelled out on a welcome notice.

Thou shalt get pissed

Thou shalt have fun

Thou shalt eat lots

Thou shalt give hostess regular hugs

For those hell bent on an early demise there is

Cancer Corner outside (Illustrated with a coffin)

We had a caption competition and a Karaoke machine, as I knew one of my guests was particularly brilliant at that. Of course the rest of us soon turned it into a sound track of drunks being thrown out of a club in the small hours.

On the first night bodies were sleeping all over. It looked like the opening shot of a movie after the population had been gassed. I must point out that at no time did anything untoward occur. Although I suspect many song writers would disagree.

The bottle count was unbelievable. I would need the whole boot of the car when I went to recycle them. Remarkably only two guests had Ibuprofen as a first course of breakfast.

I have never suffered from laughter ache before. My jaw muscles confirmed that it was one of the most fantastic times I have ever had. You may know who my guests were, I won’t name them here, as we said at the time, ‘What goes on at the twarty stays at the twarty’. I hope we will always be friends.

I love Twitter.

WinceyWillis ©

29th August 2011

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  1. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Amazing what comes out of 140 characters, eh?